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Before such terrible disasters of the Spellplague and the Time of Troubles, there existed the frontier city of Arabel. It is known far and wide that the kingdom of Cormyr is offering anyone who can clear and gain control over a patch of the Stonelands a noble title and all of the privileges associated with such. Whether it be the promise of power, or the lure of treasure, adventurers from throughout the land travel to Arabel seeking the adventures it and the lands beyond it promise.

What is this site?

This is a website designed to outline Cormyr and it’s environs for a campaign set there in the year 1357 DR. Designed for What is O.L.D. is N.E.W. ruleset, it is recommended that you purchase:

All other rules that are in use will be reproduced in this website including races, traditions, magic and psionics.

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